The Real Relevance of your Thoughts – Special Offer and Book coming soon

“… you must realize your freedom from the thinking mind and the ego, in order to be who you truly are and live the successful life that is natural for you to live.”

My book “8 Methods to Be Free from the Ego” is coming to life very, very soon! And with it an incredible special offer for those of you who will be its first readers. … Read More The Real Relevance of your Thoughts – Special Offer and Book coming soon

Love is all that is

The same energy that creates your entire world, that creates all the physical materials and that creates our physical body … is the same energy that exists in your mind, that exists in your thoughts, that exists in your beliefs, that exists in all the stars and all the galaxies.

It is only one stream of energy vibrating at different speeds causing different illusions.

That energy is what we call “Love” … “Unconditional Love”. … Read More Love is all that is

What is your life’s purpose?

“Your calling … your life’s purpose!

Your life was generated out of an intention with a purpose and that intention, that purpose is the sole reason why you were born, why you are here.

The most amazing thing you can realize in this lifetime is what is your calling and live your life aligned with the purpose that created your life in the first place.

A life aligned with the intention that brought here at this planet, at this time, in your particular life and at your particular expressions.

What makes incredible to live in your calling is that everything that you ever need, everything that you ever wanted and everything that you have been seeking is contained in your calling.… Read More What is your life’s purpose?