The Calling – Turning point

Sooner or later, you, my friend a random boy or girl, man or woman, one amongst 7 billion other random men and women, boys and girls … Will find yourself asking a very sincere question from the depths of your being:

Is this it?

Is this all that I am?

Is this all that life as to offer?… Read More The Calling – Turning point

How can we prove that we are not just our brains? [Q&A]

Even from a very mind based level, the existence of “something” superior to the brain becomes at least plausible if not completely obvious when we start to wonder:

What animates all the molecules and atoms to interact with each other creating synapses in the brain ?

What gives energy to the brain ?

Do my brain control me or do I control my brain ?

Do my brain has a will of its own ? A bunch of molecules interacting have a will of their own?

If there is a “me” that knows he has a brain, am I separated from my brain at a degree that I can perceive it ?

What about all of the things that exist that my brain is not able to access ? Is my brain limited ? If it is limited, could it be able to perceive something else other than its own limitations ?… Read More How can we prove that we are not just our brains? [Q&A]