Alternative to Meditation

The goal of meditation is to, in a sense, shut down your mind.

To shut down for a second that “hamster” that is always running, that is always thinking and that is your ego, the egoic mind that is nothing but bad to you and to align yourself with your Higher Mind, the infinite intelligent mind that is always giving you messages

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For you to listen to those messages you need to shut down your “little monkey mind”, so to speak.

For you to gain clarity you need to shut down your confusion, you need to shut down all your ideas, all your thoughts, all your beliefs for a moment and that’s the goal of meditation.

Even though meditation is amazing, it is not for everyone, I mean it is for everyone but not in all moments, there are people that are not comfortable with meditation because they have beliefs that are contradictory to it or they simply don’t feel comfortable doing it.

But meditation is not the only way to achieve that ‘no-mind’ state, that state of connection with the higher mind, of higher clarity and of higher intelligence.

Basically, everything that shuts down your thoughts and your thinking mind will automatically connect you with your higher mind because your higher mind is that mind that does not think. It can give you messages, it can feed you thoughts but it does not think.

Yes, you have a mind that does not think, it is your higher mind, your most intelligent mind.

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For you to access that highly intelligent mind you need to shut down your ‘dumb’ mind, your ego, and everything that places you, that keeps you totally in the moment without thoughts (literally without thoughts) will connect you with your higher mind.

You can see this happening with artists when they are in the moment creating, with musicians when they are performing and with athletes when they are competing.

Literally, everything that shuts down your mind and places you completely in the moment will connect you with that higher intelligence, will refresh you, will give you clarity, will transform your mind and will transform your body.

If mediation is something not so appealing to you, know that everything that places you in a state of presence, in a state of creativity, in a state of being in the moment will do the same.

As an example, let’s say that you are in a very confusing moment, your mind won’t shut up, you are so confused and overwhelmed with thoughts… If you are not a fan of meditation, of silencing your mind, you can be creative and do what is somehow ‘counter-intuitive’.

For you to shut down that thinking mind go create something.

When you are creating, when you are painting, when you are writing, when you are speaking, … When you are doing something with the purpose of creativity, you are automatically connected with your higher mind, you are automatically in the moment, you are in the zone, in the ‘no-mind’ zone.

That ‘zone’ will bring you all the clarity, all the intelligent decisions and all the transformation that you are seeking.

So …

If meditation is something that is not appealing to you, find thing that you are passionate about, things that you love to create, things that keep you in the moment.

Painting, writing, music, physical activity, sports, running, swimming, lifting weights, …whatever.

Just anything that shuts down your mind, that keeps you in the moment and so that will automatically connect you with your higher mind, your higher power, your higher intelligence and it will do the same for you as meditation.

Shut down your little monkey mind, connect with your higher mind and let infinite intelligence naturally flow through you.


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