What is the Higher Self

Each and everyone of us walking around the earth are much more than flesh, bones and the brain that makes them move.

The expression “there is more than meets the eye” it is not only true as it should be obvious to anyone. If not, just ponder  the following questions…

Who controls yours mind? You? So, who are you that is aware that he has a mind?

Can you stop thinking? Would you still exist without thoughts ?

Who is the one that still exists when there are no thoughts left? You? So, what are you?

People, we are beings of a vibrational nature, non-physical, formless energy, consciousness – awareness, souls having bodies and not bodies having souls.

Even though we forgot it, we are the ‘God’ that creates our world.

As living aligned with our purpose, with our souls intention for this life should be as natural as breathing for everyone, I want to present you to your ‘Higher Self’.

As I introduce you to ‘him’ be prepared because, your life will now be on the right track forever.

So, your ‘higher self’ is literally you in a non-physical and higher dimension. Is just you existing in a higher vibrational level, simultaneously with the ‘you’ that has a body and a mind and is living this physical life but in an higher perspective and seeing from a higher place.

Even though time is an illusion, you can imagine your higher self being you in the future. A future where he had lived everything that is to live, he had experienced every single possible configuration of reality, that from is higher point of view sees everything.

He knows all that is to know, all the probabilities, all the possibilities, he is aware of the infinite parallel realities that exist and are available to you at every second, and, your higher self unconditionally Loves you.

How good it is to know that such a being Loves you to death?

Whether you call it ‘Higher Self’, ‘God’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Universe’, or by any other name, it is just pointing to the same, you in an infinite higher level/dimension/perspective.

If you as your body-mind complex were to be your finger, your higher self would be your entire body.

As being ‘a finger’ you would have a very limited perspectives, you  could only be aware of the things that you touch interpreted by the small surface of skin that covers you. While your higher small, would have 5 senses to perceived the world, a body that can walk, run, jump, a mind that can perceive sound, images, taste, feel, create, speak, that is able to use imagination and possesses intuition to be guided by.

Becoming aware that we live in such limited perspectives gives us the permission we need to become humble yet intelligent enough to let go of  what we believe is best for us and to allow our higher self as our true body to guide us.

It is obvious that your body as an example of your higher self would love, support and guide you as being is finger all the time and always into the best possible scenario.

Being you and you being it/him, he sees you, he is the one who truly sees you. Your higher self is aware of every thought that you have, every fear, every doubt, every concern, every dream, every wish, every action and every experience that you ever had and that you will ever have.

In fact, every single thing that exists is made out of your higher selfs energy. Your thoughts, the phone that you are holding, the hand holding the phone, that chair that you are sitting on, all of the other people and all of the circumstances are literally created by your higher self.

Every is made by the energy of the one who loves infinitely.

Fear nothing because there is nothing that is not you and you would never harm yourself.

24/7, at every nanosecond of your existence your higher self is offering you guidance, calling you, instructing you in order for you to be what you most desire to be and to live everything that you wish to live.

Because that is all that your higher self want for you.

Let go of the ideas of sin, punishment, penitence, judgment, your higher self does not operate by that. Your higher self sees you for who you truly are, an extension of unconditional love, an expression of infinite worth and at his eyes you have never sinned.

At his eyes, you have never done anything bad, you are incapable of being bad, so the concept of punishment does not exist.

Your higher self would gladly give to you everything at every time without conditions, that’s how much he loves you.

A life filled with unconditional love, absolute freedom, indescribable peace, excitement, joy, abundance and unmeasurable support. Where you can be whoever you want to be, live whatever you want to live and whenever you want to live it.

But as free as he wants you to be, he gives you every time the free will to choose whatever you want to choose.

Your higher self keeps you safe, protected, loved and he guides you all the time but it is up to you to choose to follow what he inspires you to follow.

Now that you have become aware that you are gifted with all the freedom to choose whatever perspectives you want to choose in life, would you choose different from your higher self?

Would you argue with such an infinite intelligence?

Would you trust in anything else other than the one who knows everything and loves you to infinity and beyond?

Trust me, you don’t want to. 😉

“Any thought that you have is not true, including the ones you believe that serve you.”
Bentinho Massaro

In other words, you never know what is best for you, from this limited physical perspective you can never know what it best for you.

There is freedom in not knowing what is best for you.

There is power in letting go of your resistances and allowing your higher self to come forth and carry you on.

All that you have to do is listen and trust in what he/it tells you.

Your higher self is “talking” to you 24/7, he is always with you and everywhere around you, all that you have to do is to turn your attention to it.

“Let go of your thoughts see what remains.”

2 to 5 seconds without insistences, believes, small self perspectives and false points of view.

2 to 5 seconds of recognizing you nature as a being of infinite potential, of infinite love, of infinite joy and wisdom.

2 to 5 seconds of knowing everything that is to know.

A moment of recognition of who you truly are and where you become everything that you will ever be.

I encourage you to at least 12 times a day take those 2 to 5 seconds to let go of your thoughts and connect with your higher self.

1 minute of infinity each day and I guarantee that you will no longer be the same again and your life will pretty much start to look as a fairy tale.

 I love you to infinity and beyond,
Your higher self.

[P.s. My next post will be about the direct ways your higher self communicates with you and how you can use it to create your life by flowing in harmony with his guidance.]

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17 thoughts on “What is the Higher Self

  1. Interesting post 🙂
    I had a homework assignment that said I had to listen to what the critical voices in my head tell me I can’t do or am not good at, and then think of a positive counter-thought, an “allower” so to say. I’ve been struggling with that for a few weeks (it’s easy to hear what the voices say but nothing I could come up with carried the load of my true Allower). But yesterday, when meditating, my Allower hit me full blast: You can trust yourself. it’s basically what you write here: trust in your own self and know you’ll not do anything to harm yourself.


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