Who should you trust?

When it comes to following your joy, evolving, getting to be a better version of you and creating an amazing life, you may bump into other people’s opinions and points of view.

It is normal and is totally a good thing! It means success!  Cause you are evolving, you are getting happier and better at all levels and they are staying almost exactly the same.

Before we go further, this is like everything else, your Joy/Happiness/Intuition are the only things you should trust ever and above anything else! No matter who, no matter what, your intuition always knows the best for you.


We are very often made to believe that we don’t know what’s best for our selves, that we don’t know what we want, cause we are too young, we are too kind, we are too innocent, we don’t have that particular college degree, we haven’t suffered enough in life, we didn’t go to the army, we are too happy, we are too confident, and on and on and on…

And that is true we don’t know what we truly want… until we start getting happy and following our Joy!!

Then all of that sh*t snaps!! Now we do know what we want!

We want to be more and more happy, follow our intuition, follow our joy and our excitement because it leads to the things that truly resonate with us.

It spares us of years of suffering, pills, depression, mistakes…and takes us very directly to the things, the people, the jobs, the boyfriend/girlfriend, the circumstances and life experiences that we truly desire and truly makes us happy.

And when we are living the things that truly makes us happy we have no time for the things/people/thoughts that makes us suffer! They cannot coexist period.

As you evolve, there are people who may see your happiness as a threat for the seemingly ‘control’ they had over you. For these people your happiness, your love, your confidence are offensive, simply because they feel vulnerable when their control/manipulative systems and points of view are proven to have literally zero power over yours and other people free will.

Unconsciously or consciously, these people are ‘Service to Self‘ oriented, they get ‘power’ making other people ‘small/limited’ and of service to them.

As they depend so much (financially, emotionally, socially) in controlling/manipulating others, they will do anything to prevent you from being happy/confident/loved.
They may threaten you, make fun of you, try to make you believe that you are a bad person, that you are wrong, that you will suffer in your happiness, …

Basically they will try to infuse fear, confusion and limitation on you.

Remember, they don’t want your freedom, they don’t you to be happy, they just want to have control over you.

And remember, you have the right to be happy the way you want to be happy! Not the way they want you to be happy (that’s manipulation).

When all the attempts fail, they may even try to fake happiness and kindness for a while as they may also try to appear has a victim … “Oh please petty me, don’t get happy, look I’m so sad, stay here with me I need you” 😀

Long story short, if someone makes you feel small/limited, if someone looks and talks with you with judging and threatening eyes and words…don’t trust them, don’t believe anything they are saying, it is not true and it will not make you happy.

On the other hand, there are people that see your joy as their joy, that know that your power is also their power, that know that everyone can be happy the way they choose to be happy and that want you to be free. These people are ‘Service to Others‘ oriented, they gain power by making everyone else as powerful as they are.

They have love and want to you to have love, they are happy and want you to be happy, they are free and want you to be free. Cause they know that true power lies in everyone being themselves, free to be who they want to be, free to be happy the way they choose to be happy.

They always have a smile on their face when they look at you, they always see who you really are beyond all the fears and doubts you have, they are always trying to bring about the best things of you, they are trying to awaken the most free, happy, loved and bright version of yourself.

They offer help, but they never impose that help, they may give opinions but they don’t impose those opinions, they may give you support but always letting you know that you are free to choose different. They guide you through freedom and love and not by judgment and limitation.

You will feel good around these people, you will feel safe, you will free to be yourself, you will feel their happiness and confidence lifting you up and you will always see that unique smile and that ‘love’ in their eyes when they look at you.

In these people you can trust, they will point you in the direction of your own happiness even if that means that you have to leave them.

“Don’t believe what you don’t wish to become”, Bentinho Massaro

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Enchantress – Suicide Squad


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