How to stop seeking approval from and to impress other people ? [Q&A]

How to stop seeking approval from and to impress other people. Q & A

Q: “One thing I’ve noticed recently is I tend to seek approval from/impress people who ignore me or don’t speak with me much, especially girls. Why does it happen and what can I do to stop doing it?”

A: “Confidence friend!

Confidence in yourself is the Key!

You are the source of your own confidence, of your own happiness, you are amazing, you are powerful and interesting beyond measure.

Once you find that in you and you start radiating that confidence, you will need literally nothing from other people and other people will be attracted to you like a magnet!

You can work on your beliefs about yourself…”Not being worthy”, “not being good enough”, “not being interesting”,”not being special”, …” lacking this,…lacking that…”.

Those are all negative beliefs that are not true about you and they make you feel like you need to seek what you erroneously believe you lack, in other people.

The more you let those beliefs go, the more you will become aware of all your good qualities, you will start Loving to be yourself and pure confidence comes with that package.

You will start feeling that inner confidence consuming you from the inside out, like a powerful burning fire that you cannot contain…

Other people will feel that fire and naturally, very naturally, they will be attracted to you and they will love to be around you, talk to you, hang out with you (especially girls).

Your confidence is attractive, your confidence is interesting, everyone on this planet is attracted to confidence, radiate your own and everyone will “fall” on your lap.

Realize the powerful and epic person you are more and more, have confidence in yourself for no reason and no matter what …your life and social situation will take a quick turnaround for the best.

You are EPIC friend, trust nothing but that and I already see that you will soon be a very busy man

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