Shift from “problems” to “blessings”

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, Albert Einstein

For everyone that is facing challenges in their circumstances, know that those “problems” are blessings in disguise!

When seen under the right perspective, they will be the permission slips you need to raise your consciousness level, to become more of who you are …. To allow more love, freedom, bliss and abundance to flow to you and trough you.

Don’t try to fix or solve your problems with your thoughts and actions, instead, look within, become more aware of who you are, more aware of your calling, of your purpose.

As more you grow, as more you allow yourself to become more of who you truly are, your current “problems” will naturally disappear because their catalyzing effect will no longer be required.

You are always supported beyond concern.

Filipe Moleiro

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