Leaving the life that is not for you [Q & A]

Q: “I’ve finally made the commitment to leave a 10 year job that’s been slowly (or not so slowly) sucking the life out of me.
Yet I’m afraid to leave….”

A: “Now your life will truly begin!

Those ten years in that job played their part, it was a journey that brought you here, the contrast and seeking that waked you up.

Now, you evolved past beyond it, it no longer serves you and by following your heart you were lead to leave.

Often at these points, fear arises, lack beliefs are triggered and epic lessons of Faith and Courage come with it.


You are about to realize the courage being you are.

You are about to realize how the entire creation is supporting you.

You are about to discover infinite new ways of living, all of those filled with love, bliss, freedom, abundance, freedom, service…in other words …

You are about to fall deeply in Love with life and embrace each and every time more the beautiful being you are.


“Your dreams are real, your doubts are not”, Bentinho Massaro

– Excerpt from a coaching session –

Coaching page: https://filipemoleiro.com/coaching/

Contact  for coaching sessions: filipe.moleiro@hotmail.com


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