The ups and downs are part of the journey [Q&A]

Q:” I broke down again, I know the problem is I don’t love myself enough. I totally collapsed and that feeling is so horrible!”

A:”I see and it’s okay 

The ups and downs are part of the journey.

It’s very okay to have those deep down moments…

Love yourself also means don’t judge yourself, be compassionate and patient with yourself.

You are now aware of that and that’s great. Off course you felt terrible… You felt terrible because your mind was feeding you beliefs that are the opposite of your true nature.

You are the source of your own love, in fact, you are the source of any good thing… Love, happiness, joy, peace, freedom, you name it.

Once you learn/see that you need literally nothing from other people and the outside world, you will become free from depending on them for anything at all.

You have the power, you are in control, you are love, you create your own love and it’s very normal to have those “down” moments.

Love yourself always, for no reason and no matter what.”

– Excerpt from a coaching session –

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