All I want to do is live my life’s purpose [Q&A]

Q: “All I want to do is live my life’s purpose, nothing else really interests me and something I really want to do is to be of service to others but I haven’t finished school neither have a job!

A: “The good news is … you don’t need to finish school or to have a job to start living your purpose and being of service.

In fact, you are living your purpose and being of service simply by being yourself, by radiating your presence and shining your “light”.

Being of service in this way it is not like having the job of “being of service”, or needing to get done with anything in order to start “being of service”…

You are already of service simply because you exist and your essence is one that naturally serves.

Every time you feel blessed, happy, vibrant, excited, love, in awe, … you are aligned with your purpose, living and being one with your soul’s intention, that’s all it takes to live on your purpose/calling.

The more you allow yourself to be your true self, the more you let the real you shine forth, the more amazing you will find yourself to be in every area of your life and in every aspect of your being…. And in that package comes a natural and effortless will to become of service to others and the world itself.

So, if the greatest version of you is something that you are truly “seeking”, follow your joy, follow what makes you happy, follow your excitement, act on your intuition and inspiration, moment by moment, each and everyday more…there is no way you can fail I can promise you that.

Your true self is infinite and there is no way you can miss an infinite target. “

– Excerpt from a coaching session –

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