Being happy is all that is worth being

Embracing with humility that we know ‘nothing’, that life is filled with lessons, balances, energies, changes, points of view, infinite parallel realities, mirrors to self and endless mysteries.

It all comes down to this, “Be Happy”!

All that we want, all that we need, all that we are seeking is contained in our happiness.

Happiness is a flow, is a state, it is a feeling and it is ‘Who we are’.

We can choose it, we can avoid it, we can postpone it but make no mistakes, being happy each and every time more is all that we will ever want to be.

Being happy, in any state of happiness is synonymous of being aligned with who you truly are, with the powerful energy of your higher self and with all the love guidance, abundance and support of the Universe.

Happiness is not just only attracting/creating everything that truly matches you, everything that you truly desire, as it is simultaneously guiding you. Guiding you to all the right things, to all the right places, to all the right people, to all the right decisions, to all the right choices.

Follow what makes you happy, prioritize feeling happy, take the decisions that makes you happy, not “less afraid”, not “safe”, not “accepted”, but Happy! Happiness will take care of it all for you, choose the path that feels the happiest every single time.

The most amazing things happen when you are happy.

All the “miracles”, breathtaking and dreamlike moments happen when you follow your happiness above anything else.

Being happy is a choice and you can make it right now.

You don’t need a reason to be happy, you don’t need something outside of yourself to make you happy, you don’t need anyone’s permission to feel happy.

Just feel Happy! Feel happiness right now! 🙂

Simply choose and stay with that choosing of feeling happy. Think about things that makes you happy, imagine what would be like to be happy, read something that awakes in you a sense of happiness, write something from the heart, paint, dance, create, …
Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy, everything else will fall in place.

Get in love with the feeling of happiness and never let it go, let it fill you, allow your happiness to control your mind, to guide your thoughts. Let your actions, choices and decisions be guided by your happiness … and you will always be on the right path.

The feeling of happiness is literally your Higher Self with is infinite intelligence telling you the way, guiding you into the most happy version of yourself and consequently the most happy version of your life.

Your life will turn out to be the dream you are wishing it to be in the moment you commit to prioritize your happiness and feeling/being happy above anything else.

Prioritize feeling happy above making sense to other people.

Prioritize feeling happy above caring of what other people think of you.

Prioritize feeling happy above the need to make money.

Prioritize feeling happy above worrying about the future.

Prioritize feeling happy despite what the ‘World’ tells you to feel.

You will find how powerful you are in that moment, when nothing outside of yourself can take your happiness away.

Dreams will become real, miracles will become natural and you will live your life in such a way like you never did before.

You will find that you are the source of your happiness and instead of begging for it, you will start creating it and sharing it with others.

You will start emanating it, you will become a magnet attracting all the right people, all the right things, happy things, happy experiences, happy moments at the perfect time.

Each of everyone of those amazing experiences will expand you, will give you a greater sense of who you are and what you are here for.

Happiness will expand you into more happiness, into more of yourself, get you into a even more happy life!

Your happy life, with all the things that you truly want.

Be happy, feel happy, stay happy and follow your happiness everywhere it leads you.

Being happy is all that is worth being.

“Live a life where your heart is truly in because anything else is a waste of who you are and we have a finite amount of time”
Alexandra Michelle

Filipe Moleiro

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