You are the Creator of your reality

You are the one that creates your reality.

Believe it or not, you are 100% the creator of your reality. You have never, ever, ever experienced something that was not created by you.

I will dive deeper into the specifics of it and how it works later in another post (stay tuned), but for now understand that there is no reality outside of yourself.

If you were not aware of this yet, congratulations, your life will never be the same again. 😉

You have the power to create your reality and now knowing so, you can start doing it in a way you actually prefer.

There is no separation between your “inside world” and your “outside world”, everything that you see seemingly “outside” of yourself is literally and extension of you, it is an extension of your thoughts, your ideas, your perspectives and your points of view on life/reality.

Your physical life is nothing more than a mirror reflecting back at you (the creator) the things that you are choosing to believe in and in that way to create.

You and your reality are not separated. You are the same in fact and as you change so does your reality.

So, one of the most powerful shifts that can happen in your life is the realization that you are not  a “victim” of a random world that places is preferences upon you, but that you are instead the Creator of everything you see and that you can turn your world into whatever you want it to be.

It includes you, your personality, your body, your relationships, your hobbies, your job, the people in your life, where you live in, … quite literally you can change everything. 🙂

So in order to consciously start choosing a world that you prefer, you need first to start choosing it your mind! Start to create in your mind the things that you want to experience in your world, because it is in your mind/in your choosing that everything starts to form.

So if you want a better body, start living in a better body, star imagining the body you want, how does that body look like, does it feel to walk in that body, how would you act and behave having that body! And so…you are now creating that body.

If you want an awesome romantic relationship, start imagining it, start living it, imagine your perfect boyfriend\girlfriend, feel the love that you both have, see how compatible you both are, how amazing it is to be around him\her.

You are changing your thoughts, you are changing your beliefs, you are changing yourself therefore you are changing your reality.

Reality is in every single moment an empty canvas in witch you can place everything you want.

Choose deliberately in every moment, the thoughts, the feelings and the things that you prefer. Be more in your imagination then in your physical world, because it is in your imagination that “99%” of the job is done.

Start to feel happy, start to feel good, start to feel love, imagine everything you want to live, imagine who you want to be! Choose to be that person, shift into that life, walk in that body…you have the freedom to be who you want to be at anytime and no one can take that away from you

You are the creator, the present moment is your piece of art, everything that you choose to be in this moment will create your future.

So choose to be happy, define everything to be happy, be happy no matter what for no reason, believe in yourself, trust in that deep knowing that you are the creator of your reality and that there is nothing that can stop you.

Everything is what you say it is and you are never stuck.

Outside reality is an illusion and circumstances are just smoke and mirrors.

You are the creator, nothing that you create can beat you, as the creator of that.

Stay confident in that knowing, overpower your reality with everything you desire, be all in, don’t care about what anything else, you are no longer a victim, you are a god, you are a creator… the one infinite creator.

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20 thoughts on “You are the Creator of your reality

  1. […] That we have been dreaming our entire life, we have been dreaming our bodies, our personalities, we have been dreaming the walls that surrounds us, we have been dreaming the people in our life, all the good and bad moments, … It was just us dreaming it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Everything that you have ever lived and that you will ever live is your dream and it becomes so much better when you wake up to the fact that you are not that little guy/girl inside of the dream but instead you are the Dreamer of it. […]


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