1st Post – Presentation and mission ;)

My name is Filipe Moleiro.

I love to make people happy and I’m very good at it! 😉  I’m passionate about people realizing their true nature! Knowing that they are Infinite, Infinite love, Infinite power, Infinite worth, Infinite happiness, Infinite freedom…the Infinite creators of their reality.

I’m here to help everyone to live their dreams and by their calling 😉

My calling is people living their calling.

I also love to train, to look at the awesome body that I have, I Love music, to have fun, good stories and it truly makes my heart sing when everyone around me is happy.

In this blog, I will write whatever I’m inspired too 😉

Feel free to contact, filipe.moleiro@hotmail.com

https://www.trinfinityacademy.com | https://www.trinfinity.us

On-line Shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/FGhost/shop?asc=u

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