How to truly help someone [Q & A]

Q: When someone asks what to do to be truly free, to be truly happy, to be truly in love, what do you do? What do you say? How do you truly help them?

A: It depends on every scenario, on every person, every single case is different but the process to truly help someone else will be something along these lines …

Let’s keep it with “freedom” but it can be applied with any realization, just change the word “freedom” to the desired state of being :

1 – Recognize the absolute free being that you are, stay there and do the talking from that higher place/perspective and with that energy in your intention.

2 – Recognize the same free being in the other person and connect intuitively and energetically your free being with the other person’s free being. Seeing what you are trying to awake in the other person, when you see it in yourself you will automatically see it in the other person because you are ONE and the same.

3 – When you recognize your free being and the other person’s free being, the ego/mind blocks to that freedom in the other person will start to become very obvious to you.

4 – In the conversation try to point the other person’s attention to the free being you know themselves to be and not to the ego blocks you can clearly see.

5 – Do not argue with the ego, do not validate the ego, do not point to the ego unless you know and feel that there is an openness in the other person for you to do that and if you intuitively feel that it will be beneficial.

(Dealing with the ego is not linear, sometimes you will need to play some role, or put some ego “mask” on to have some common ground to work.)

6 –  If the other person clearly asks “What do I do?”, ask somethings along the lines of:
“Do you really want it?”, “Can you open your mind a little bit?”, “Can I speak honestly?”.
In order to create a space where they are less insistent and have some more willingness to listen and to be guided.

7 – What to tell or what to say will depend on every person and every case.
All the times, your free being (Higher Self) will inspire you, give you some intuition, insight, to what you can say at every second in every case.

That’s why it is so important to stay aligned and learn to be attentive to your intuition a lot, to be fully in the moment, fully present, fully connected and also … to drop your own ego’s attempts to control the situation and try to do things on its own.”

  • Excerpt from a coaching session

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