Get over the world

We were raised with the belief that we are pretty much the bodies we are wearing and that the outside world is undeniably real, solid and unquestionable.  

We believe that are always four walls surrounding us, we believe those walls to be real and without question we believe to be limited by them.

We assume our circumstance to be real, powerful, potent, existing somewhere outside of ourselves, apart from our will and that we cannot change unless they do.

Take a deep breath, relax your mind and allow transcendence of the world to happen for you.… Read More Get over the world

Higher Self’s ways of communication

A kind of communication flowing directly from his infinite intelligence, love and wisdom, specifically intended to guide you in the creation of your life and to assist you in navigating your free will accordingly to your higher self’s intention for you.
Which is synonymous of living a life aligned with your purposed where your most wonderful dreams come true.

So, with no further delay, 4 channels of communication with your higher self… Read More Higher Self’s ways of communication

What is the Higher Self

Your ‘higher self’ is literally you in a non-physical and higher dimension. The higher self is just you existing in a higher vibrational level, simultaneously with the ‘you’ that has a body and a mind and is living this physical life but in an higher perspective and seeing from a higher place.

As I introduce you to ‘him’ be prepared because, your life will now be on the right track forever.… Read More What is the Higher Self

Dreams are better when we are awake

Dreams are better when we are awake.

Dreams are better when we wake up to the fact that we are dreaming.

That we have been dreaming our entire life, we have been dreaming our bodies, our personalities, we have been dreaming the walls that surrounds us, we have been dreaming the people in our life, all the good and bad moments, … It was just us dreaming it.… Read More Dreams are better when we are awake

When dreams become real

Do you know those moments in your life where everything is so perfect.

Those moments where you are living everything that you ever dreamed to live.

Where you find yourself living a moment of your pure and most perfect dream.

You are experiencing a moment, that months ago was your dream … that dream that was ‘impossible’, that would never, ever, ever happen.. and there you are, living it.… Read More When dreams become real