How can we prove that we are not just our brains? [Q&A]

Q: I believe in the Law of Attraction and that we’re consciousness having this physical experience, but how can we be 100% sure that we aren’t just our body and brain ? Couldn’t we say that we are just a brain experiencing life?

A: From time to time, those doubts tend to come up, I believe it is a mix of skepticism (the stubborn need to see proof first, so we feel safe in embodying something new and unfamiliar) and the seeking for the truth and more of ourselves (where we question everything).

“Could this awareness, being, self-realization stuff be just another conjuring of my brain ?”

It is indeed a pertinent question, and when done with openness will help you transcend the idea that you/ the world exist inside an organ called “Brain” and that the same brain is what gives you “life”.

Even from a very mind based level, the existence of “something” superior to the brain becomes at least plausible if not completely obvious when we start to wonder:

What animates all the molecules and atoms to interact with each other creating synapses in the brain ?

What gives energy to the brain ?

Do my brain control me or do I control my brain ?

Do my brain has a will of its own ? A bunch of molecules interacting have a will of their own?

If there is a “me” that knows he has a brain, am I separated from my brain at a degree that I can perceive it ?

What about all of the things that exist that my brain is not able to access ? Is my brain limited ? If it is limited, could it be able to perceive something else other than its own limitations ?

And it all comes down to this …

Who is the one making the questions ?

Where does the questions come from ?

Somewhere outside your physical organ called brain.

Also, there are already a lot of scientific evidence proving the existence of awareness/consciousness but the more you embody it and make it your daily experience, the more it will become crystal clear and proven to you in many undeniable ways.

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