“There is no spoon!” – Master your life

When you truly get this, when this knowing hits home for you and you comprehend it 100% you are free! You are unplugged from the “matrix”, you are off the grid, you are outside the box…there was never any box to begin with.
You will sense that you are above the water when everyone else is drowning.

“There is no spoon”

Have fun.
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Make your dream all you know

Did You Know that your dreams, your True dreams, that one dream that makes You jump In Joy, that dream that makes your heart sing, that dream that truly makes You want to hug And Love everyone that You know…Yes that dream!
That dream, that vision, that version of yourself And that version of your Life…Is screaming for You! That dream, Believe it or not, Is who You are supposed to be!… Read More Make your dream all you know