Updates: New Book, New Blog, more Coaching Spots

I have been a littleย absent from here but for great reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been quite busy in the most wonderful ways and I am just giving you some quick updates and news for the near future.

– A new book;
– A new blog;
– More coaching spots;
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“There is no spoon!” – Master your life

When you truly get this, when this knowing hits home for you and you comprehend it 100% you are free! You are unplugged from the “matrix”, you are off the grid, you are outside the box…there was never any box to begin with.
You will sense that you are above the water when everyone else is drowning.

“There is no spoon”

Have fun.
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Impossible is ‘Nothing’

When you get to that place where you are stuck, where it is quite literally impossible to move forward, that state when you will never be who you want to be and for sure that you will be forced to give up on everything you desire …

Awesome, you are doing great! Smile at it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me shine some light on that and give you some amazing perspectives for you to look upon.… Read More Impossible is ‘Nothing’

Create your Reality- The 3 “days” process

You will understand why things happen the way they happen, why do you get inspired, why do you suffer and have doubts, why so many people quit on their dreams and how it all becomes lighter and easy when you see things from a higher perspective.
You will truly understand whats going on in your world/mind at all the times and how the creation process works in order to make your dreams come true.… Read More Create your Reality- The 3 “days” process