Inspiration is your calling

Whenever you feel inspired, open your heart, empty your mind and listen.
See what is it calling you to do, what is it inspiring to be, get a sense of the vision for your life that your inspiration is showing you.

Trust that. ;)… Read More Inspiration is your calling


“There is no spoon!” – Master your life

When you truly get this, when this knowing hits home for you and you comprehend it 100% you are free! You are unplugged from the “matrix”, you are off the grid, you are outside the box…there was never any box to begin with.
You will sense that you are above the water when everyone else is drowning.

“There is no spoon”

Have fun.
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Understand your emotions, never suffer again!

Emotions are meant to be a compass, a guiding system to help you know when you are going in the “right direction” or when you are getting “off track”. We can experience an infinite amount of emotions in many degrees, within a range going from Unconditional Love to suicidal depression.
Emotions have just one simple meaning: If it feels good it is true, if it feels bad it is not true! … Read More Understand your emotions, never suffer again!