Seeing light in the dark

Perfect Life ♡ Perfect Love

Today my head was a mess since I woke up to go to bed.

All day I’ve been trying to make me realize that my doubts were not meant to be and that everything was going to be okay.
But nothing made me believe it.

Many things I had given for certain, couldn’t accept them.
It was as if some barrier didn’t let me reach the truth.
I was not taking it, it was like I was not able to find my way and myself.

This lasted all day, until the night came and for nothing on this world I could sleep.

So I took some time just for myself, I deleted everything, it was just me and my cat, everything in the dark and I sat on the bed with my legs crossed.
I started to breathe slowly for a few minutes without thinking of anything.
When I became more relaxed…

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