Excitement will lead you all the way 

Everything that truly excites you and that truly makes you happy is meant to be present in your life.

When you are following the path of your highest joy, everything that makes you happy is meant for you to have it, it will fit perfectly in your life, it will teach you, guide you, inspire you, bring more of who you are, it will perfectly coexist  with everything else and will complement all the other things that you love.

You can be interested in lots of things, even if they seem to be completely unrelated, they constitute the parts that will make you “complete”, that will empower you in many different ways, teach you in many different levels and that will make you an awesome person to be with, living an amazing life.

Don’t limit yourself to do this or that, to be this or that, be open, listen to your excitement, follow that… do what makes you happy even if it makes no immediate sense to your mind it will turn out to be important in the most amazing way.

The only sense that you need it to make is the sense of you being happy. 😉

Your life is suppose to be an awesome succession of happy and perfect moments!

Prioritize doing the things that excite the most in every moment, don’t be afraid, follow what makes you happy moment, by moment, by moment.

Ask yourself constantly: “What is most exciting thing I could be doing/thinking/being right now? ” Do it, and do it, and do it again, every single time!
It will lead you directly to all the things you want in life, all the good experiences, happy moments.. It will bring to your reality all the things you want and much more, it will literally change you into that perfect version of yourself that you are longing to be.

You can me meditating in one minute and in the minute after you can be doing push-ups..

You can be dancing and in the next minute you can be playing chess,…

It will give you confidence, intelligence, energy, relaxation, inspiration… it will all make you “complete”, having a life full of amazing experiences and awesome moments.

You will not need to sacrifice anything! Excitement, relaxation, joy, love, freedom, peace, inspiration, fun..it will all coexist with a perfect timing in a perfect balance.

And  when you become “busy” doing the things that excites you and make you happy, you stop having time for everything that is negative. 😉

You want fun, you want joy, you want excitement in your life, prioritize that, live in that flow, be who you want to be..excitement will lead you all the way 😎

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12 thoughts on “Excitement will lead you all the way 

  1. […] “Suffering is never the way” – We were often told that things are hard to do, we can only achieve whatever we want to achieve with struggle, tears, hard work, …So almost automatically when we start to face some obstacle we tend to push as hard as we can, to struggle, to fight, to suffer, with the hopes that if we suffer that ‘much’…then Yes! Now that I have suffered enough I can achieve what I want, because if I don’t suffer in the process my goal / myself have no value and it was not a worth thing to accomplish. (Wut? :D) Don’t try to find the solution in suffering, because never a good solutions comes trough suffering! In suffering you do not have access to your higher states of intelligence where lies the solution that you seek. Quit the drama as much as you can, follow your happiness as much as you can, listen to your heart and your intuition as much as you can…Excitement will lead you all the way. […]


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