Understanding Law of Attraction – The Next Level

The easiest way of understanding the powerful “Law of Attraction” is to compare it to the law of gravity.

When you see an apple falling from a tree to the ground, you know that was gravity that made that entire sequence happen. But when an event happens in your life, you say it was caused by chance, or luck, or hard work, or god’s will, or absolute randomness, etc… You don’t immediately associate the vibration/energy you have been offering, that is constantly being responded to by Law of Attraction, and the event that it attracted or manifested.

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Great Spirit

Great Spirit,

I want you to never fear again,

You are not from the world and the world got nothing on you.

You are not from this world so nothing of this world can ever harm you.
You rose above it all and you cannot forget.
You will never be afraid again.
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