When dreams become real

Do you know those moments in your life where everything is so perfect.

Those moments where you are living everything that you ever dreamed to live.

Where you find yourself living a moment of your pure and most perfect dream.

You are experiencing a moment, that months ago was your dream … that dream that was ‘impossible’, that would never, ever, ever happen.. and there you are, living it.… Read More When dreams become real

See, you are not who they see

The way other people see you is 100% based on who they are, it has nothing to do you.
They see you through the definitions that they have, which none reflects who you are.
Their perspectives about you cannot limit you in any way, they literally say nothing about who you are and what is possible for you in this life.
Know this and set yourself free.… Read More See, you are not who they see

Understand your emotions, never suffer again!

Emotions are meant to be a compass, a guiding system to help you know when you are going in the “right direction” or when you are getting “off track”. We can experience an infinite amount of emotions in many degrees, within a range going from Unconditional Love to suicidal depression.
Emotions have just one simple meaning: If it feels good it is true, if it feels bad it is not true! … Read More Understand your emotions, never suffer again!