Ana’s Shadow – Horror Short Story

Ana’s Shadow is the story of Ema, who always thought that was something wrong with a girl from her class (Ana) but no one ever believed her. One day Ana and her family disappeared, just after her a baby brother was born, at that time Ema finally convinced her best friend Pedro to go investigate Ana’s house

” … there was something else around her! It looked like some kind of shadow, but not her own …  “

It is a captivating well written adventure that teaches you how to not be afraid! It is filled with terrifying and freezing moments when fear is overwhelming and the end is certain. Against all odds, the attitude, intelligence, love and fearlessness of the characters  will definitely show you how true Courage is rewarding.

Available in English and Portuguese in all the amazon marketplaces, enjoy.

Read it here 😉  | Lê aqui 😉

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