Be free from your pain

Imagine living your life and being you but without any trace of pain, emotional pain, psychical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, discomfort, … Living you life being completely free from whatever pain means to you.
You can let it go, it was never yours to begin with, it is not yours now and you don’t need it with you anymore.
Take a deep breath and let me blow your mind πŸ˜‰

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Who are you?

Let go of your Story…Who are you?

Let go of your thoughts … see what stays.

Let go of your pain … see that you are still here.

What is that … that still exists when everything else disappears?

What is that… that is infinite when everything as a beginning and an end?

Silence your mind…open your heart, listen to your soul.

Who are you?

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Impossible is ‘Nothing’

When you get to that place where you are stuck, where it is quite literally impossible to move forward, that state when you will never be who you want to be and for sure that you will be forced to give up on everything you desire …

Awesome, you are doing great! Smile at it πŸ˜‰

Let me shine some light on that and give you some amazing perspectives for you to look upon.… Read More Impossible is ‘Nothing’

Understand your emotions, never suffer again!

Emotions are meant to be a compass, a guiding system to help you know when you are going in the “right direction” or when you are getting “off track”. We can experience an infinite amount of emotions in many degrees, within a range going from Unconditional Love to suicidal depression.
Emotions have just one simple meaning: If it feels good it is true, if it feels bad it is not true! … Read More Understand your emotions, never suffer again!