Finding yourself

Then we find ourselves as lost as we are…

Perfect Life ♡ Perfect Love

Well, I spend a lot of time in what I usually call my world, it’s just like I have another reality.

Well it’s not “just like” I really have.

But sometimes I think about the reality for another people, and about what they think, their ideas, their options… and I realize that they were quite different from mine.

All kinds of doubts begin to emerge, from the easiest ideas to questioning, to the most difficult ones.

When it happens it’s like my world is completely lying down.

I have doubts that I never thought to have or fears that are usually hidden, anyone can bring to the top of our mind ideas or realities that don`t seem to be the best for you (the ones that make us happier) but we have a tendency to think that maybe other people may be right.

And then we think “but after all…

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