Service to Others and Service to Self: Polarities vs Unconsciousness

Service to others and service to self, light and darkness, good and evil, freedom and control.

Those are the 2 polarities that operate in this universe and that are present in our world.

It does not require that much of knowledge and attention for you to recognize them everywhere go in your daily life and in everyone you interact with.

You can identify all these kinds of beings, polarities and games being played in your daily life, physical and non-physical reality. They are present in people, places, companies, institutions, religions, governments, … literally everywhere and in everyone.

Some of us are consciously playing our part in this “game”, some of us are not.

Below you will find a short and simple explanation of these 2 polarities and the common conscious and unconscious types of behavior accordingly.

Self-Serving Unconsciousness

Someone who is very unconsciousness and unaware of her powerful and free nature, that person is biased and conditioned by the matrix/system/society to satisfy her needs above anything else and the satisfaction of those same needs is her priority.

All that she knows and wants is to obtain from others, from a place of being in “deep sleep” or unconsciousness… “Zombie-like behavior”.

Service to Self Polarity

Someone who has realized to some degree her powerful and free nature and with that power and freedom chooses to subjugate others into serving herself or himself. This is done from a conscious place of freedom to choose and recognition of one’s true nature and polarity.

His or her actions and behavior may a lot of times to the unconscious eye appear to be selfless and serving others but they will ultimately end in a service to self in the subjugation of others result.

“Demon-like” behavior, with elaborate schemes and agendas of manipulation and control.

Service to Others Unconsciousness 

Someone who probably have a service to others polarity but that is almost totally unconscious and unaware of her powerful, free and true nature. She devotes herself to serve everyone out of a place of disempowerment within her own self and towards her own life.

She operates her life on the basis of martyrdom, helpless self-sacrifice and her attempts to serve are almost powerless and rarely make a significant impact.

It is “sheep” type of behavior.

Service to Others Polarity 

Someone who is aware, conscious and rests his/her sense of self in his powerful and absolute free nature, recognizing his resonance and polarity as one of serving others. He/she recognizes everyone as himself and operates within the notions that serving, empowering and freeing others is the same as serving, empowering and freeing another part of himself.

He benefits naturally from the benefit of the whole.

His type of behavior may sometimes to the unconscious eye appear as being sacrificial yet in truth he is operating in his full power, freedom and clarity of purpose.

His type of behavior may sometimes to the unconscious eye appear as one of self-serving, yet in moments of self focus on his body-mind-life he never abandons his service to others priority and those actions of serving himself are always and will result ultimately in a service to others accomplishment benefiting the whole.

He/she will appear selfless and yet powerful, humble and yet confident, innocent and yet unmanipulatable, absolutely free and yet not lacking direction or purpose.

Benevolent and powerful “Angel-like” behavior.

Be conscious and aware that “Zombies” and “Sheeps” are very easy and susceptible to be manipulated by “Demons” and that it is each and everyone’s ultimate free choice to be guided and helped by “Angels”.

The most important factor is that your FREEDOM IS ABSOLUTE, nothing and no one can overpower your free will and your choosing.

Be conscious that you are absolutely free and absolutely powerful to choose your thoughts, your beliefs, your preferences and your actions above anyone’s intention and in any circumstance.

In your realized freedom lies your infinite power.


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