The most simple and powerful practice

This is the most simple, yet the most powerful and life-changing practice.

All it takes is 2 to 5 seconds and I want you to do it 12 times per day.

All it will take is 1 minute of your day and I promise you that this will quickly and literally turn your life around.

So …

I want you to completely let go of any thoughts in your mind just for the brief moment of 2 to 5 seconds! Totally give away everything that is in your mind, stay without thinking, absent of thoughts, absent of ideas, absent of concepts, just for the small window of 2 to 5 seconds.

Set 12 alarms on your phone and when they ring, take a deep breath and totally let go of all the thoughts in your mind and simply stay there, watch the house of cards of your small self thinking mind crumble and your true essence to come forth.

1 minute per day to connect and recognize who you are above everything you think yourself to be and the words “blessed” and “epic” do not even begin to describe how your life will unfold to you.

Love to you.

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Eternally grateful to Bentinho Massaro for creating and teaching me this practice.

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