Her beauty in one flower

In the name of Love

β€œI was not kidding when I told you that you were the most beautiful flower of the garden.”

β€œI am not kidding when I tell you that you are the best thing in the world!”

Imagine again … That beautiful garden.

Everything is pure green, fresh grass, perfectly cut,… Beautiful waterfalls connected by lakes with water so clear that you can see the sun reflecting the golden sand at the bottom and shinning in small sparks of light upon hitting the tinny fishes that live there.

There are many trees in that garden, not too tall, not to small, all perfectly shaped for the squirrels to climb them so quickly that is difficult to see.

You don’t hear sounds in that garden, instead you hear a song, a melody played in perfect resonance and synchronicity by the birds, the butterflies and the cats that live there and love to play…

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