♡ Perfect Love ♡

Perfect Life ♡ Perfect Love

Once upon a time… well you know the story right?

A girl met a boy and they live a happy life forever and ever on this world.

But let’s change the story a little bit

This girls meets the boy and he shows her the moon and the stars, they will guide them to the happy life and they will live there forever and ever.

And we think “It isn’t real, this is too good to happen”.

Well I can tell you for sure that it is true, because this was what happened to me.

You know, when you find that person that can make you feel loved, special, safe and you know that you can trust everything to him/her

I’m not telling you that it is easy, sometimes things gets hard but it doesn’t mean too much because you two love each other and this is what matters.

Love always wins…

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