One love, One breathe, One life

Perfect Life ♡ Perfect Love

Today I’m going to talk about love and being happy.

This two things are so important to me and my life.

I can’t tell that I am not lucky because I have love, I have a house, money, a cat (!!!!) or is just the law of attraction, who knows right?

Well in my opinion it is wrong, I really believe in the law of attractions like I always believed on love.

And I have already found my love, my true love. I love myself and I love my boyfriend and he love me.

I can tell you that I have the life that I want and I am so happy.

Yes sometimes I need to break the rules, but it’s worth it.

And sometimes I just need to follow my heart, my dreams and my intuitions.

And now, this is all so natural for me.

And if you don’t…

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