What is success? What does it mean to have success?  When will you be good enough to have success?

Can we not be succeed?

Why is everyone so obsessed with having “success”? …wait…oh my god.. I could lack air in my lungs if I’m not successful! whole life can become a total disgrace…  What about my parents? They will suffer so much if I don’t manage to have success…

Let me just quit on being happy right now and go do something to get me success in the future!  Then I can finally be happy, then I can finally have fun and find love…

“I will live fully my life when I get to college”..huumm..”more or less because I’ll need to study so hard to get a proper job in the future”…”but it’s ok, when I get that job I will be independent and free and then I can start doing what makes me happy.” … “but not much, because I can lose my job if I don’t work hard! “

“This is a mean, difficult, harsh an competitive world..I need to work and try so so hard, perhaps when I get 90 years old it would be okay to start actually being happy, since death is about to come and get me anyway…so fuck it, let’s give it a shot on happiness”😂

Drama is over, now let’s really stop and think about all of this. 😎

Why is everyone so obsessed with ‘Success’ ?

Because everyone thinks that “success” and whatever that means for them is something that will make them happy somewhere in the future.

When I get that house, I will feel so happy …When I get that car, when I get a good wife, when I get to college, when I go on vacations , … I will get happy…only then can I be happy! … I wish I had that right now so I could be happy and finally be myself.

Hello!! You are making yourself feel miserable right now with the hopes of  eventually feeling happy in a future that may be years away from you.

Reality check…You can have a 10.000.000€ house, 10 top cars in your garage, 1 million followers on instagram, a top model as wife and still feel miserable and depressed all the time. (Omg…money does not bring happiness? Fame doesn’t take away my loneliness? Having a pretty girl isn’t synonymous of being loved? The things outside of myself are not the source of my happiness!? … Duh!)

Awesome news..and trust me on this..You can be happy right now!!

Really 😊

You don’t need a girlfriend to feel loved..

You don’t need to become a Doctor or a CEO to know that you have value..

You don’t need to have a large house and nice cars to know that you have abundance…

You don’t need people to respect you in order for you to feel accepted..

You already have all that right now!


You have already within you of all the love that you can possible imagine, you have infinite value just because you exist, you are already happy, you are already free, you are already abundant, you already the most perfect and amazing guy/girl on this planet.

Don’t wait for things\people outside of you to confirm that to you … You don’t need it! Just see it in yourself right now.

Feel love right now, feel abundant right now, feel free right now,  feel safe right now, have fun right now, be who you dream to be right now…because, there is no other time in which you can be it.

You will only get this time, always and forever, the only thing that you will ever have is this present moment.

How will you choose to live your precious present moment?

Will you choose to be making love with the love of your life or will you choose to be worried about not having money to pay the rent in 10 years from now? … because if you don’t pay your house, who  knows, you might not have a place to make love with the love of your let’s not make love right now so we can make it in 10 years  … makes sense!? 😂)

Will you choose to dance in the rain because it gives you so much freedom and happiness or will you choose to stay locked inside the house because you fear eventually, who knows, get sick? ..and then omg it would be so bad, being forced to stay locked inside your house.(congratulations you have already accomplished that 😂).

Will you choose to read that romance book that you are so passionated about, that will teach you so much, that will make you much more intelligent, that will make you so happy, that might even inspire you to create something great that will turn you into a millionaire…or will you choose to study for the history test that is next month? …because yes..memorizing the names of the all the kings in the XII century will definitely bring you the life of your dreams. 😜

Will you choose to feel amazing about yourself right now, will you choose to feel beautiful right now, will you choose to give yourself the permission to be who you want to be right now, will you choose confidence, dreams, power, freedom right now or will you choose to be afraid?

What are you so afraid of!? Being somehow hurt? Lacking happiness?

 …So you prevent yourself from feeling happy because you are afraid of not being happy ? … So if you are happy you risk losing happiness? …Well if you make yourself unhappy you have already lost it.

So it might be wiser to drop that fucking fear and choose happiness anyway. 😉

Don’t blindly chase for success, instead, blindly chase for your happiness.

What is the most happy thing you could be doing, dreaming or thinking RIGHT NOW?

Your happiness, your state of bliss, creativity, intuition, love, joy, freedom will make you the most successful person on earth! It will give you everything you truly desire, will bring to you everything you can possibly need and dream to achieve with an impeccable and perfect timing.

Happiness is different for every person, so success also looks different in every one.

So, don’t base your success\happiness by other people standards and also don’t impose your standards in other people. 😉


When will I have success? When you have happiness.

When can I finally be happy? Right Now.

Congratulations, you can have success in your life right now, you already have it, you will have success forever, just make ‘this moment’  the most happy moment that you can ever make it.  🌟

Stop waiting, your life is happening NOW! 🙈

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