You cannot stay ‘small’ where everything is great – World Unified Championship

Last month we had one of the best weeks of our lifes, the World Unified Championship of Martial Arts.

Filipa Mateus warming up

In the beautiful city of Carrara – Italy, where the mountains and the sea come together, the scenario was perfect for the days ahead of us. Our 28 members of the Portugal National team, were about to ‘transform’ themselves through the challenges that were about to come, we were competing along with 5000 top class athletes of 70 different countries and the level was pretty high.

The whole purpose of us being in that championship and reason it turned out to be so important for everyone is that we flew into a world where the vibration of everyone in there, the vibration of everything around us was Perfect!

It was literally possible to feel a common sense of Union in the air and it was logic… Every single one of that 5000 athletes was there living a dream, so every one of them\us was happy, everyone was ready to give it all and to be the best of themselves, that was the moment for it. Everyone had the same goal, so everyone was so naturally supportive to each other.

One of the things that amazed me the most, was the sense of union, the joy and the support given to all despite the country, the language, the age,… despite all the apparent ‘differences’.

Hugo Soares after his MMA fight

When you ‘live’ one week in an environment where the standards are so high, you have no choice but to grow and become a better version of yourself. All of the people and things around you are literally pulling you up.

You cannot stay ‘small’ where everything is great 😉

Seeing, living and hopefully becoming that ‘greatness’ was the all-purpose of us being there, and the purpose of the many challenges that come up for every one of us.

What matters most is that everyone lived the week of their dreams, everyone came back a lot different, a lot better and hopefully with the intention to see that greatness in them again, to be a mirror of that perfection in their training, as in their lives and to support each other because everyone’s goal is the same.

All the katas, all the fights and all the medals were great, but please, let us not be ‘small’ again, let’s become as great as we know we can be.

Let’s chase that dream again and within 1 year let’s be there, unimaginably better than we are today!

It’s called evolution, we get better and everything around us becomes better.

Good Job to you all 😉

Portuguese national team of martial arts – World Unified Championships – Italy 16

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