A 1,47m Victoria’s Secret top model training session ;)

Isa is a young girl, she is my friend and trust me… she is anisa-2 amazing athlete. 😉

She goes to the gym 5 times a week, she does not miss one training session, she follows her training plan religiously and she has a very high quality nutrition standards.

In the past year she has able to get the body that most of the girls want and in my opinion, she has the perfect body for a girl with 1,47m.

One night, we were talking about training, nutrition, supplements, … and she tells me that she was not fully satisfied with her body. In her point of view she had some small packs of fat, that somehow made her body not as perfect has she wanted to.

Her body has a 10% body fat percentage (very low percentage for girls), she trains a lot, she trains good, she eats with so much quality, the problem was only one… Her perspective 😉

She could be a 1,47m Victoria’s Secret top model, and she was concerned with those little, tinny, almost impossible to see fat packs.

I instantaneously got motivated to give her a top level training session. Give her some new exercises, training tips and most important … shift her attention to the perfect body she already has. 😉

Isa’s top level training session below:


Warmup 2x:

  • 1m – Step over
  • 1m – Box Jump
  • 1m – Side Step Over
  • 200 meters – running

Power Training:

  • 3 x Side Step Lung
  • 3 x Squat
  • 3 x Lunge
    (8 -12 reps | 2-1-4)

Finisher 2x:

  • 30s – Power Jump
  • 30s – Sprint
  • 30s – Power Lunges

And yes, my playlist is fucking amazing 😉


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